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Does Following Up in Person Turn Employers Off?


Dear Experts,

I am planning to relocate to Miami, FL and have been applying to jobs in that area. I am going to Miami briefly and thought about visiting those places where I applied and stopping by to see if they did receive my materials and if they had questions for me regarding my application.

I thought this might add a little extra to my application and show I am enthusiastic about the position. But does this turn off employers or seem too desperate on my part?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#194 Unannounced drop-ins = no good. Call & let them know you’ll be in town. Ask for info interview w/ employer. (@jtodonnell)

Q#194 I’d call ahead to let them know how important it would be to get w/you while you’re in town. (@beneubanks)

Q#194 U R on right track 2 drop by while n town. Recommend calling 1st 2 tell prospective employers that u r n town. (@kgrantcareers)

Q#194 Btr 2 call b4 go 2 c if some1 able 2 c u; OK 2 drop in if don’t expect more than greetng & 2 lv a note. (@juliaerickson)

Q#194 I don’t think it will seem too desperate as long as you have an air of confidence. Good idea! (@louise_fletcher)

Q#194 I think it depends on the employer, but as long as you don’t seem over the top or needy, I like the gesture. (@gradversity)

Q#194 Standing out s’times means b/diff and take risks. I’m not against drop-in. Be professional; don’t stalk. (@teenarose)

Q#194 Some career fields encourage aggressive follow-up; i.e. sales. (@teenarose)

Q# 194 Don’t drop in, try to arrange info interviews w/ people locally instead. (@keppie_careers)

Q#194 Not a fan of drop-ins. Biz operatng w/less/less time for unsched recruiting. Respect their time. Call first. (@dawnbugni)

Q#194 I definitely recommend making an appointment rather than “dropping by” – disruptive to the day. (@heatherhuhman)

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