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How to Share Information With Non-Hiring Company?


Dear Experts,

I would like to get the advice of the experts about contacting companies that aren’t advertising any open positions. There are some local marketing agencies here that I would like to share my information with, even though they don’t have any openings currently listed.

How should I approach them? Is it better to call, go in person, mail or email? Should I send a cover letter and resume? What is the best approach?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#203 Get info intvws via referral or tailored, flattering note 2 key pple: ask 4 20 mins 4 advice/guidance. (@juliaerickson)

Q#203 Learn about company u would like to work work w informational interview & read about competition/industry 2 see oppt. (@kgrantcareers)

Q#203 Leverage social media. Build relationships with co contacts that position you for referral. (@teenarose)

Q#203 Try sending a cover letter/resume & explain that you will follow up with a call. Be confident/convincing on the phone. (@gradversity)

Q#203 Send resume w/VERY tailored ltr addressing how u may b a fit w/them biz-wise AND culturally. (@ValueIntoWords)

Q#203 Also research/join local marketing assn/begin attending mtgs/volunteer 4 cmtee 2 meet key players. (@ValueIntoWords)

Q#203 Send a cover letter & resume expressing interest in company. Try 2 get informational interview 2 meet them personally. (@DebraWheatman)

Q#203 I’d go & speak to someone. Do advance research & feel out issues that need fixing. Then position 2 solve! (@beneubanks)

Q#203 Use whichever method will get you to the hiring authority directly – and definitely get a resume to them. (@louise_fletcher)

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