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Boss Called Me Out about Clothing But Not Others


Dear Experts,

My boss made comments about my clothing. He said what I wear to work is too casual (e.g. sandals, skirt). However, I’ve seen other woman in the office wearing similar outfits. Why was I called out and not them? What do I do?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#208 Talk to him privately and discuss the situation. There may be an underlying problem. (@gradversity)

Q#208 Boss responsible 4 his team, its image/prof’lism; true that u dress for role u want so dress 4 success. (@juliaerickson)

Q#208 See if it happens again. Ask boss 2 give 3 ex of appropriate dress. Agree w boss. Follow recomm. See what happens. (@kgrantcareers)

Q#208 Stop whining about what the “other kids get to do” & listen to someone willing to mentor you. Be grateful for guidance.

Q#208 Don’t worry abt. others. U need 2 dress appropriate 4 the dress code. Do u meet with clients? Many variables w/ dress.(@DebraWheatman)

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