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Can I Call in Sick to Work Another Job?


Dear Experts,

I’ve got the chance to work for one day for a friend and make $1000. This is more than I make in a week at my current job. Problem is the gig falls on a work day. Should I call in sick, take personal day or tell boss the truth? What if I tell him the truth and he says I can’t go? My other concern is the job is related to TV and there’s a shot I’d be recognized. Chances are unlikely, but I still worry.

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#257 Agree with other experts. Take a personal day for it. (@DebraWheatman)

Q#257 Ask 4 a persnl day. No need 2 say Y-Its “Persnl” .U cn B forthright & moral w/o volunteering everything. (@RTResmePro)

Q#257 Take a personal day or tell your boss the truth. Is $1000 worth getting fired for, if he finds out you lied? (@AskAManager)

Q#257 Don’t call in sick if you aren’t sick. Dishonesty will get you in trouble. Instead, take a personal/vacation day. (@gradversity)

Q#257 VERY BAD idea to call in sick if UR not sick. Pers or vaca day-should not need to explain why. (@keppie_careers)

Q#257 If there’s potential conflict of interest in 1-day job (vs full-time work), then disclose 2 boss. (@ValueIntoWords)

Q#257 Either take a legitimate vacation day. (What you do on your earned vacation time is your biz OR… (@dawnbugni) (1 of 2)

Q#257 Seems ‘personal day’ fits the bill. Personal means just that, and if ur making $ on your ‘off’ day, more power 2 u. (@ValueIntoWords)

Q#257 …have discussion w/boss & be willing to accept no. Calling in sick (lying) NOT an option- ever. (@dawnbugni) (2 of 2)

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