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What’s the Value of a Post-Graduate Certificate?


Dear Experts,

Could you provide insight on the value of a post-graduate certificate. Does it offer any benefits in the job market?

For example, my field is in international development and I am considering a summer long certificate in emerging markets. How do employers view certificates? Is it worth the investment?

Here is how our CAREEREALISM-Approved Experts answered this question on Twitter:

Q#472 Certificates WILL add value/momentum to your career IF you a) leverage them; and b) focus on 1-2 key takeaways. (@ValueIntoWords)

Q#472 Definitely worth it. Employers love employees who focus on professional development on a regular basis. (@gradversity)

Q#472 It’s more about what you know than what certificate you have. Only worth it if you can show REAL study impact. (@beneubanks)

Q#472 Certs show continuing ed & are cheaper than MS or MBA. Also offer networking opps – I say go for it! (@jtodonnell)

Q#472 Knowledge is seldom a bad investment. Continuing ed/certs demonstrate continuous improvement. Differentiates you. (@DawnBugni)

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