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Should I Use LinkedIn Recommendations on My Resume?


Dear Experts,

I thought of breaking up sections of my resume with brief quotes from LinkedIn recommendations. Is that corny?

Here is how our CAREEREALISM-Approved Experts answered this question on Twitter:

Q#477 Should I use LinkedIn recommendations on my resume? Absolutely include them! http://bit.ly/bFUbxm (@ravingredhead)

Q#477 I would leave them on your LinkedIn profile, but don’t be afraid to include your profile URL instead. (@gradversity)

Q#477 Quotes from the right people on LI can be an excellent way to reinforce your personal/professional brand. (@lauralabovich)

Q#477 Why not! Sounds like a creative idea. Nothing to loose, and social proof always works. (@JoshuaWaldman)

Q#477 Please. Don’t. LinkedIn recommendations are not worth the paper they’re (not) printed on. Too fake/forced. (@beneubanks)

Q#477 I frequently incorporate quotes in resumes. Not corny if applicable, convey value & NOT over-done. 1 or 2 can be impactful. (@DawnBugni)

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