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I Have Trouble Taking Criticism


Dear Experts,

For some reason, I have a trouble taking criticism from my co-workers. I never really noticed it until one of my friends pointed it out to me.

Even though I’m aware of it, I still find myself instinctively becoming very defensive when someone tries to provide feedback on my work. Any ideas for battling this?

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Q#487 When you know you are going to receive feedback, take a minute to take in the criticism before reacting. (@gradversity)

Q#487 Admitting you have a prob is the first step! See from their perspective. Be aware and counter early. (@beneubanks)

Q#487 Don’t take it personally, it’s probably not about you. Read what Tim Ferris says about this: http://bit.ly/dmca1s (@JoshuaWaldman)

Q#487 Inventory yourself , what are their motives? Qualify criticism. Be open. (zen habits) http://tinyurl.com/2efr6cs (@DeborahShane

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