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How to Thank a Mentor (A Tribute to My Father)

MentorAsk folks who feel successful in their careers and I guarantee they can provide you with a nice long list of mentors who helped them get there. To be successful, you need to actively seek out mentors who can help you learn and grow. These people are vital to keeping you on track to reach your goals. Good Mentors Are Hard to Come By Finding mentors can be a challenge. First, you have to identify people who you feel can help you. Then, you have to try to develop your relationship with them to the point that they are willing to mentor you. Mentoring isn't an obligation, it's a choice. So, when we are lucky enough to have someone choose to mentor us, we must be grateful for the privilege. What's the Best Way to Thank a Mentor? If we want our mentors to keep mentoring us, it's a good idea to make sure we thank them properly, right? I'd argue we can't thank a mentor enough. Unfortunately, I see many people go about it the wrong way. They overwhelm the mentor with compliments that have no substance. Let me explain... Quantifiable Results = Proof of Effectiveness Forget gushing praise that lacks substance, if you want to thank a mentor the right way, take the time to articulate specifically the impact they've had. Outline and provide examples to prove their efforts provided a wonderful ROI (Return On Investment). If you want a mentor to keep mentoring, showcase how their actions have paid-off. FACT: All of us are inspired when we see the fruits of our labors. Mentors are no different. Show them the results - it speaks volumes! Here's My Thank You to One of the Biggest Mentors of My Life Above is a picture of me (watch the video to learn what I'm doing), and here is a recorded thank you for one of the best mentors I know - my father. In it, I share a story and a surprise for my dad. While I can never thank him enough, I hope it demonstrates to him that I was always listening and am truly grateful for his parenting, his leadership, and above all, his role as my mentor. Now it's YOUR Turn! Post a thank you to one of your mentors below and be specific about the impact they've had on your life. What has resulted from their efforts? How have they made a difference? Then, send them a link to this article so they can A) read your thanks, and B) see they have been listed as an exceptional mentor! J.T. O’Donnell is the founder of CAREEREALISM and CEO of CareerHMO, a web-based career development company.