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Sitting at a desk all day isn't just boring, it's also bad for your health. Mashable.com recently reported that sitting for more than three hours a day lowers your life expectancy by about two years. What if you have a job where you sit for 40 hours a week!? Scary, huh? However, there's a new solution: the treadmill desk. It's pretty self-explanatory. The new gadget is just a treadmill attached to a desk, which can make it easier for employees to work and get a little exercise at the same time. So, who wouldn't want to get off their butt and burn some calories at work? Although the idea is great, would you be able to focus? Wouldn't you get tired? Would you try it? Please take our poll, and let us know what you think in the comments! [poll id="29"] Treadmill desk image from Bigstock
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For years now, I have seen hustle-culture being glorified, and it frustrates me. The idea of earning respect by overworking yourself isn't healthy. It just isn't. As a small business owner, I fully understand the word hustle. I grind daily. But as human beings, we have limits, so I suggest that we must be intentional with how we hustle.

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