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People are always completely blown away by how much easier (and, less stressful!), looking for work becomes once they learn the one thing they didn’t teach us in school about job search...

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Dear frustrated job seeker,

If you dread the idea of looking for a new job, if you hate updating your resume and cover letter, if you cringe at the thought of spending hours online filling out job applications only to never hear back from employers, then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Today, I will reveal to you why your gut has been right all along - job search is broken. And NOBODY likes to waste their time doing something that doesn’t work, right?

As a recruiting industry veteran, after years of watching frustrated job seekers make huge mistakes in their search for work, I knew it was time to teach them what actually works.

I’m about to share with you….

1.) Why applying on job boards is a total waste of time.

2.) How the people who land their “dream job” really do it.

3.) My proven technique for an easier job search.

Looking for work shouldn’t feel like going to the junkyard.

If you ever been to a junkyard, then you know it’s filled with lots of old, run-down cars. It’s not the ideal place to look for your next set of wheels. Not only are the options limited, they’re unattractive. How can you possible get excited about purchasing something that doesn’t make you feel happy and fulfilled? Well, the same goes for looking for work on job boards.

Most of the openings don’t sound all that exciting. They’re just a long list of qualifications that make you sleepy reading them. And yet, thousands of job seekers spend millions of hours each week, filling out online applications for jobs they aren’t too thrilled about. Only to never get a response from the employer, making them even more frustrated by the rejection. Sound familiar?

Well, I’m hear to tell you to stop the insanity and learn what the most successful job seekers are doing today to land their ‘dream jobs’.

You’re wasting valuable time tweaking your resume… there’s only one thing that will actually get you interviews.

Savvy job seekers know the secret to getting a job you love is to actually choose who you want to work for. That’s right, they decide who is worthy of their skills and expertise. In fact, they make a list. We call it an “interview bucket list” - and when used with the right job search techniques, it changes the way you look for work.

Instead of feeling demotivated and depressed, you’ll feel energized and focused. Think about it - wouldn’t you be more inspired to find a new job if you knew the end result would be you working for a fabulous company that you admire? Of course you would. Which leads to my next point…

A “Disruptive Job Search” is the fastest way to get results.

‘Old school’ job search no longer works. You need to stand out from the competition to get the attention of the companies you want to work for. The good news is, not only is disruptive job search easy, it’s actually fun.

That’s because for the first time in your career, you’ll feel a sense of control over the job search process. We put you in the driver’s seat, giving you the tools and training to execute a proactive strategy for landing your dream job.

But, please don’t take my word for it. Instead, let these insanely successful job seekers explain how well this process works.

We get notes from happy customers. Every. Single. Day. It’s notes like these that inspire us to keep spreading the word about Disruptive Job Search:

Here's What People Are Saying...

"It helped me to see my career as something I'm in charge of instead of feeling that I'm at the mercy of my employer."

"I feel eergized, especially after realizing I'm not the only one with career issues, it's good to see there are others who have experienced approximately the same things like I did and can offer pieces of advice."

"It gave me energy to keep going on my search and it kind gave me some hope for my future career."

In my FREE video e-course, you will learn:

All the mistakes you are making in the job search process right now.

The components of a good (and effective!) job search strategy.

How the 3Cs impact your ability to become effective at job search.

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Why should you bother listening to me?

After years in the recruiting and HR industry, I was frustrated by the number of job seekers who were doing a horrific job of selling themselves to employers.

I was tired of seeing talented people get passed over because they were going about their job search the wrong way. It was time I shared what hiring managers were really looking for. Using my recruiting expertise, I wanted to finally give people the inside-track on the best way to connect with the companies they dreamed of working for.

I started a career coaching business in 2001, and seven years later, I was so busy, I had to start an online company so I could scale my work and help even more people.

Today, that company, Work It Daily, is one of the most respected resources for job search advice. With over 1,000,000 monthly visitors, it’s a priority destination for job seekers looking for an edge. I am also a top 20 Influencer on LinkedIn, with more than 1.8M followers.

I am constantly writing and sharing advice to help people (like you!), get out of their career ruts. And, let me tell you, job search is the single biggest career rut there is!

J.T. O'Donnell

J.T. O'Donnell is the founder and CEO of Work It Daily (formerly CAREEREALISM). With her 18+ years of experience in the development of professional HR tools and resources, she has delivered 200+ presentations to more than 10,000 professionals on a wide variety of career topics. She has been featured in several publications including Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, The New York Times, and more.

But, instead of me telling you, I’d rather let the people who have succeeded greatly with Disruptive Job Search share their experiences with you.

"Your advice set me apart from all the other candidates during the interview process! I got the dream job I wanted even during this economic crisis. Thank you for helping me become employed after four years of struggling."

– Dawn M.


"When I sat down for the interview and the HR person started to ask me questions, I felt like I had stolen the opposing team’s playbook before the Superbowl."

– Wally P.


"The president told me my cover letter was the best he’d ever seen in his LIFE. In two weeks, he had received over 250 resumes for the opening… half of them didn’t even have cover letters. The others were just poorly written. Thank you so much for the [tools] that guided me to writing a successful cover letter that ultimately landed me a job."

– Danielle R.

Will you give me 15 minutes of your time so you can finally stop dreading job search?

Your free time is sacred. I know asking you for 15 minutes out of your busy day is a lot. But, what if the time you invest watching my FREE e-course could actually make your job search feel easier and fun?

Better still, what if it revealed a tool that could help you impress employers, interview better, and even negotiate your starting salary like a pro?

After all, you are trying to get a job that pays you THOUSANDS of $$$. The reality is, the return on the investment of your 15 minutes watching this short, FREE e-course could be huge.

The average job search in America takes 9 months. Yes, 9 MONTHS! Do you really want to look for work that long? After watching the Disruptive Job Search e-course you will see how to cut down the time it takes to find and land your dream job.

Here’s why I’m so confident we’re about to do great things together...

I’m so positive the Disruptive Job Search FREE e-course is going to change how you approach your job search forever because I know that (like me), you’re the kind of person who loves to prove people wrong.

I’m sure dozens of people have told you job search is stressful and depressing. They say, “That’s just how it is.” But, deep down, you know some people have cracked the code on job search and don’t find it difficult at all. You want to be one of those people. You just need the right information and support. Well, today’s the day!

Plus, my reputation is at stake.

If you don’t find the information in this FREE e-course impactful, then I know you’ll email me to let me know. But, I know you are going to find it super helpful. Over 30,000 people have already downloaded and watched this FREE e-course and all I hear is what a total game changer it is. Here is what people have said:

"I landed a new job! The daily group sessions worked best for me. I can’t remember exactly how many times something from one of the sessions popped up in a meeting or interview, but it was a lot, and I nailed it each time. My advice to others: Keep your spirits up and keep plugging away."

– Greg G.

"This momentum feels great because for the first time it feels I’m in control of what is happening in my job search and good things are happening. This would not have happened without your [program]."

– Jörgen J.

"I had my final interview today, and it went great! They want me to start ASAP! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help through this! I look forward to continuing to work with you for many months (maybe even years) to come. Your website has been invaluable."

– Emily P.

BONUS: I offer you a significant reward at the end of my FREE e-course.

Anyone who takes 15 minutes out of their busy schedule to learn about the Disruptive Job Search deserves a reward. Thus, as a thank you, I offer you a significant discount (I’m talking BIG), on your first paid e-course with us.

My goal is to make working with me and my team a no-brainer. Not only will you finally know the right process needed to land your dream job, you’ll have a very inexpensive way to work directly with me to make it happen.

You deserve a better job. Let me show you how to make it happen.

Be honest with yourself. If you could have found your dream job on your own, wouldn’t you have it by now? It’s time to do something new and different.

Watching my FREE e-course on the Disruptive Job Search can help you finally jump start your journey to a new, better job. Sign up below and get instant access. Within 15 minutes, you’ll be looking at your career in a whole new way - I GUARANTEE it!

P.S. - Even if you don’t decide to watch my FREE e-course, I hope you’ll at least do this…

Having worked with literally 1000’s of frustrated job seekers, I know your career confidence is wavering. Please, PLEASE don’t let a broken approach to job search make you doubt your abilities. You aren’t broken, the process is!

Even if you don’t check out my FREE e-course, I hope you’ll at least continue to look for information and insights to help you learn the right way to look for work.

You deserve to feel successful and satisfied in your career. But, that will only come when you finally learn how to conduct a smart job search.

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