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Unhappy? Here Comes Career Rehab

A few months ago, we posted this article to see if our readers would be interested in participating in a new kind of reality show called, Career Rehab. The response was amazing. 55+ comments later, we decided to take creating the show seriously. Fast forward to today...

Are You Our Next Reality Star?

We are counting down the days to the launch of what we believe will be one of the hottest web-based career resources of 2012. Career Rehab will be your opportunity to get help from leading career experts. You’ll also get a career coaching services package valued at over $900 from our sister site, CareerHMO. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Here’s how to apply: Step 1: Create a 3-5 minute video on YouTube. You need to record yourself and publish a public video on YouTube. In the video, be sure to do the following:
  • Give us your first name only! No last names.
  • Tell us your career story but keep the facts anonymous (i.e. don’t mention any schools, employers or locations directly). Instead, say something like, “A small tech start up,” or “A large state school," to explain the details.
  • Explain where you think you went wrong in your career so far.
  • Outline what you want to make happen for yourself. What’s your career goal?
Step 2: E-mail us the video link and your verbal "okay" to let us use it on the show. We’ll be using your video as part of our show production, so you must be willing to let us use it publicly. Please write you understand we will be using it on our site CAREEREALISM and on our Google+ page. Send your materials to info@workitdaily.com. That’s it! Once we get your submission, we’ll contact you if you are selected to let you know when the show will air live so you can watch and participate. Once the show has aired, you’ll be given access to your career coaching package. Got questions? E-mail us at info@workitdaily.com. P.S. Our goal with this show is to give people a powerful, positive experience to help them make dramatic improvements to their career. The experts will be fair, honest and constructive. No Simon Cowells on our panel! So, if you are ready to finally break free of the cycle of career failure, send us your story and you’ll be one step closer to completing Career Rehab! Photo Credit: Shutterstock