#1 Use for a Personal Brand

The idea of personal branding has become pretty mainstream. You can find plenty of advice on how to create one. In fact, now so much has been written about it and so many people have implemented personal brands, the real question becomes, "Is my personal brand working?" Watch this short video to understand how you need to leverage your personal brand in order to get results. J.T. O’Donnell is the founder of CAREEREALISM.com and CEO of CareerHMO.com. Photo credit: Shutterstock

There's no doubt that TV characters stand out for a number of reasons -- especially if they're a TERRIBLE boss. These characters often make you think about this question: If they were your boss, would you show up to work everyday?

There are bad TV bosses, and then there are the WORST TV bosses. Here's who made our worst list and why.

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