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Please OPRAH: It's Time for an Extreme Career Makeover Show!

About a week ago, I learned Oprah is holding a contest to find a new talk show host for her network. Already, hundreds of Americans have submitted their 3-minute video auditions explaining what kind of talk show they want to have and why they'd make a great host. As soon as I read it, one thought came to mind: "It's time for an Extreme Career Makeover Show." I've always wanted to see a reality show that helped Americans understand the right way to pursue a career a path. With the average time in a job just 18 months, we are all temporary workers. Unfortunately, nobody taught us how to manage this constant change in employment status. In fact, millions of people are learning the hard way that school teaches us everything EXCEPT how to get the job. Gone are the days when you spent a lifetime at one company. Now, we must figure out how to find work over and over again in order to stay employable. A show like this could help so many people in need of this kind of advice. For example... Currently, there are 15M people who are unemployed and the average time on unemployment is over 7 months. And, let's not forget the 3.2M recent college grads who are facing the worst entry-level employment market in decades. There are so many valuable, interesting career makeover stories that could be told, and in the process, would teach millions of viewers how to find career satisfaction on their own terms. So, I made my plea to Oprah here. I'd like to ask you to vote for the Extreme Career Makeover Show. Let's convince Oprah it's time has come!