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Wanted: Companies Doing Big Layoffs

If you read the headline of this article and thought, “What the heck?” - it worked! I got your attention. In all seriousness, I am looking to get this article in front of executives at any company that has recently laid off or plans to layoff a lot of workers. I’m talking 100+ employees. Some companies that come to mind:

  • HP
  • Yahoo
  • Bank of America
Why? Because I want to convince them to partner with me on the ultimate challenge: To prove that people who learn the right way to look for work after a layoff get hired faster!

JSAP = Less Time Out of Work

We are having incredible results with our new Job Search Accelerator Program (a.k.a.JSAP) over at our sister site, CareerHMO. As a result, we want to do something nobody has ever done before: Prove that part of our unemployment problem in America is that job seekers are looking for work the wrong way.

Fact: Layoff Victims Start With a Big Disadvantage

We all know that school doesn’t teach us how to get a job. However, job search is now a skill that every professional must be proficient at. Here’s why… The average graduate today will have as many as nine jobs in their lifetime with an average of three jobs in each one. That’s over 27 jobs! We must know how to find work efficiently if we want to stay employed. Unfortunately, most job seekers don’t start addressing their lack of job search skills until they are:
  • Severely unhappy in their current job.
  • Get laid off or fired.
In short, people affected by layoffs start at a disadvantage – and it negatively impacts the time it takes them to get hired. Over at CareerHMO, we don’t think that’s fair, do you?

Solution: Give JSAP to Those Affected By Layoffs

We want to find a company who wants to do the right thing by giving the employees they need to let go proper tools and resources. We will give them a group discount on JSAP that is so incredible, they’d be crazy not to purchase it for their employees. Giving JSAP to those affected will get them:
  • Using cutting-edge technology that will help them learn faster.
  • Looking for work quicker.
  • Off unemployment sooner!

Bonus: Some Positive PR

Any company that is willing to give JSAP to the employees affected by their layoffs will be showcased for doing the right thing by their employees. Many, many companies have laid-off employees in the last few years and provided them with zip, zilch... ZERO in terms of job search support. Here’s the chance for companies to be commended for doing what they should: Give employees some much-needed, well-deserved career support.

So, Can You Help Me?

If you know an executive who should read this, please pass it along. Have them contact me at (877-588-5455) to discuss how I can make JSAP available to their employees at a rate their company can afford. Thanks for helping me find a company to partner with. Together, we are going to prove that getting laid off can help people learn a skill that will make them employable for a lifetime.

Your Next Step

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