How To Get 'Unstuck' In Your Career

Do you feel stuck in your career?

Feeling trapped in your career? In this tutorial, career expert J.T. O'Donnell will show you exactly what you can do to get 'unstuck' in your career.

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What will I learn during this tutorial?

Here's a break-down of what we'll cover in this free tutorial.

  • Why you're feeling 'stuck' in your career
  • What's holding you back from success
  • What will happen if you DON'T address the problem
  • How each generation can overcome this situation
  • What you need to do in order to start moving forward again


It's time to get 'unstuck.'

If you feel like you're not getting ahead in your career or you've simply lost interest in it, this webinar will help you figure out your next steps so you can find career satisfaction.

Changing careers might be your solution.

Don't do yourself a disservice by staying in a career because it's "easier." Life is too short to stay trapped in a career that's dying or no longer interesting to you (or, in some cases, a career you NEVER wanted in the first place!).

Not sure where to start?

This tutorial will help you understand your situation so you can move forward effectively. People change careers all of the time. With the right tools and guidance, you can, too!


J.T. O'Donnell is the founder and CEO of Work It Daily (formerly CAREEREALISM). With her 18+ years of experience in the development of professional HR tools and resources, she has delivered 200+ presentations to more than 10,000 professionals on a wide variety of career topics. She has been featured in several publications including Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, The New York Times, and more.





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