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Why 'Commission' is a Dirty 4-Letter Word to Women

Recently, I did a webinar on the unique benefits women have right now in the financial industry. In it, I shared why women run away from commission-only positions and how they are missing out on a huge opportunity for career advancement. Watch the three and a half minute video below to learn why a commission-only job is the safest way for a women to start her own business! Are you a female looking for a career change? The financial education industry is hiring and needs confident, entrepreneurial women... like you! If you're interested in a financial career then speaking with a recruiter needs to be your first step. Let us organize a complimentary meeting between you and a recruiter from a Fortune 500 financial services company.

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When you see the enticing headline "Worst Jobs In America," it's almost impossible to resist clicking to see what professions made the list.

But, what happens if your job is on the list?

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