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“JT & Dale Talk Jobs” is the largest nationally syndicated career advice column in the country. J.T. O’Donnell and Dale Dauten are both professional development experts.

How To Address Being Fired In A Job Interview

Learn how to address being fired in a job interview. It is important to explain your experience in your next interview.

How To Address Job Changes In Interviews

If you have had frequent job changes in the past it may be tricky to explain in your next interview. Read what J.T. & Dale have to say on the subject.

How To Address Time Off In Your Job Search

Dear J.T. & Dale: After receiving my bachelor’s degree in 2010, I took some time for myself after being in school consistently since preschool. I lived off savings, except for a brief holiday job. Now that another year has gone by without working and I’m starting my job search, how do I address this time […]

Is Taking A Year Off Career Suicide?

Want to take a year off to travel or relax? Before you book your flights and leave your job, find out how it can affect your career. Is it career suicide?

Does Bankruptcy Affect Getting A Job Offer?

Does bankruptcy affect getting a job for qualified applicants? What can you do to make employers look past it?

Did I ‘Overdo It’ At My Interview?

Does this sound like you? "During my interview, I stressed I like to work hard and feel a sense of accomplishment. Did I overdo it?"

I’m 53, How Can I Compete For Part-Time Jobs?

Talia wants a part-time job, but she thinks her age is working against her. How can older job seekers compete with younger candidates?

How Can I Get A Management Position?

Having trouble crossing over to a management position? It can be hard. Here's some advice from career experts J.T. O'Donnell and Dale Dauten.

Interviews: Can Employer Ask About My Health?

Can employers ask about your health in interviews? Is it legal? See what career experts J.T. and Dale have to say about the subject.

Should I Include A Short Job On My Resume?

Should you include a short-term job (less than 2 months) on your resume? Find out what career experts J.T. O'Donnell and Dale Dauten have to say.