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Teddy Burriss, Social Networking Coach, author, public speaker, avid social media engager and Certified Career Transition Coach. Read Networking for Mutual Benefit for more networking ideas that can help you in life.

9 Areas Of Your LinkedIn Profile You MUST Optimize

Want a great profile? Here are the eight areas of your LinkedIn Profile where skill words/phrases need to be used to improve being discovered on LinkedIn.

Why ‘Never Talk To Strangers’ Is Bad Advice For Grads

As children, your parents told you, “Never talk to strangers.” This may have been good advice when you were a child, however, this is bad advice for grads.

The Key To Ruling Social Media: Be TRUHE

TRUHE is the acronym for Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, and Engaging. Find out why you will rule social media if you follow these guidelines.