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Teena Rose is a highly endorsed, highly referred resume writer with Resume to Referral. You can reach her at 937-325-2149 or via her website.

6 Strategies For Surviving In A Job You Hate

How do you survive in a job you hate? Out of necessity, you are stuck in a job that is unbearable - and as a result, you hate life. Here are some tips.

What To Avoid When Designing And Writing A Cover Letter

Anyone writing a cover letter to a hiring manager should follow some golden rules before licking that envelope shut or sending that e-mail.

4 De-Stressing Tips For Your Job Search

Job seekers are spending long, grueling hours, hitting the job front from multiple angles. Here are some tips for de-stressing tips for your job search.

4 Ways To Take Your Resume From Good To Great

A branding statement, a tag line or two, relevant keywords, and a action/results writing style take your resume from good to great...

5 Tips That Ensure Your Resume Produces Top Results

Job searching can be exhausting, and individuals tend to lose initiative after receiving any degree of rejection. Learn these resume tips.

Cover Letters = Candid Snapshot Of You To Potential Employers

Your cover letter is a chance to make a positive first impression on a potential employer. Here are some tips for writing great cover letters.

5 Tips For A Safe Online Job Search

Think you're safe conducting a safe job search online? Think again. The Internet has made life easy for scam artists. Here are some tips.

What’s Your Hook? Cover Letter Hook Examples

Your ultimate goal is to input uniqueness into each of your cover letters that others will overlook, or not spend the time to address.

Interview Strategy: The Art Of Biting One’s Tongue

Interview Strategy: It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. If you keep your answers short, and bite that tongue, you may actually land a job.

How To Get Beyond The Gatekeepers While Job Hunting

Still can’t get by the gatekeeper while job hunting? If no, you’re not alone. Getting beyond gatekeepers is rarely an easy task.