Kaplan Open Learning UK

Name: Kaplan Open Learning UK Website: www.kaplanopenlearning.org.uk Twitter: @KOLOnline LinkedIn: /company/kaplan-open-learning Bio: Kaplan Open Learning and the University of Essex are working together to offer online degrees to working adults in the UK. This affiliation helps to widen participation in UK higher education and enhance the aggregate skill set of the UK workforce. If you are working full or part time, our online degree courses will provide you with a flexible means of achieving a UK university qualification. Articles: The Facts About Online Education Boost Your Career By Learning at Home Using Online Resources to Boost Your Education

Sports are a great distraction from everyday life. As a fan, there's nothing more thrilling than when your favorite team wins a championship. In many ways, a successful workplace is a lot like a championship-caliber sports team. Bear with us, it's not as crazy as it sounds.

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