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I have seen many examples of people who are aligned with what they do (and of those who are not aligned). It makes a huge difference in the way work is accomplished as well as how it impacts those we work and interact with. Related: Want To Be Happy At Work? 3 Things To Consider When I say, "being aligned to your work," I mean being connected to something meaningful to you; something that aligns with your values and allows you to fulfill your desire to make a difference through your work. I coach many leaders who sometimes struggle in their roles and have behaviors that need to change. We all have areas to grow and develop, but if the developmental opportunity is not aligned with something that is meaningful to you or gives your work purpose, you will likely struggle to develop in that area. If you lead from a place that is aligned to your values, leading becomes very easy. In fact, people will want to follow you because they see how connected you are to what you are doing. Not only that, but doing your job also becomes very easy when you are aligned in this manner. To find out if you are aligned with what you do, take some time to think about your values and motivators.

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