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Teena Rose

Teena RoseName: Teena Rose Twitter: @teenarose LinkedIn: /in/teenarose Personal Website/Blog: Resume to Referral - Writing Services Resume to Referral - Career Blog Bio: Teena Rose is a personable, professional, and yes, crafty 10-year career writer -- not your run-of-the-mill resume writer, in fact. She’s noted as a resume 2.0 strategist, understanding that today’s job-search is increasingly dominated by the next generation of job-search tools. What's your favorite career related quote? “A quality job-search approach will out-produce one of quantity.” (My Continuous Quote/Advice to Clients) What's your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? One could say involvement with this program is the cake, and mixing with some of the industry’s top minds, such as Louise Fletcher, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter and J.T. O’Donnell, is the icing. I’m honored to be invited and welcomed. Articles written by this expert: (4 Ways) Take Your Resume from Good to GREAT 6 Strategies for Surviving in a Job You HATE Women: The Interview Double-Standard 4 De-stressing Tips for Your Job Search He Says, 'I Bet it Was Easier Replacing Paula Abdul!' Don’t Take Drug Test if You Know You’ll Fail Tiger Woods: The Price of Fame — and a Bleeding Brand Your Professionally Written Resume is Tax Deductible How Social Media is Muddying the Waters for Job Seekers 5 Tips for a Safe Online Job Search The Art of Biting One’s Tongue (Interview Strategies) Say Cheese! Cover Letters Present a Candid Snapshot of You to Potential Employers What a Cover Letter Hook Might Encompass What to Avoid When Designing and Writing a Cover Letter How to Get Beyond the Gatekeepers While Job Hunting 5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Use Twitter 5 Reasons Why Recruiters Are Using Twitter for Recruitment 5 Tips to Ensuring Your Resume Produces Top Results
Need help with your job search or career? We can help!

We all spend too much time on our phones and computers. It's pretty much an avoidable fact, especially in a world so connected by technology.

A lot of that computer and phone time is connected to the workplace. So, if we're going to be reliant on technology, we might as well take advantage of it.

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