If you chose 2015 as the year to make a career change, there is a way to use your resume that is more powerful than any way you have ever used it before. Related: Top 8 Job Search Trends For 2015 The secret to making a change in the right direction is found in the white spaces of your resume. I’m not talking about the width of your margins or the layout of your resume. I’m talking about the blank spaces after your bullet points. Learn to read them. What is the white space saying? Believe me; it’s saying something because the white space is where all the good stuff happens. It’s where the truth lies and it is where change can begin. We get so focused on crafting a resume that supports how we think we should present ourselves to get the next job, that our real selves get lost in the getting-it-right-on-paper part. Before we know it, we have a document that doesn’t even come close to what makes us feel good about going to work. This can be disastrous for career changers. We spend so much time on keywords and choosing the strongest action verbs (yes, that’s a critical piece) that we end up moving from job to job, doing more of what we’ve done before, even if it doesn’t make us happy or fulfilled, because we are only looking at the words. To implement a career shift that moves you toward career wellness, you must allow the white spaces to reveal how you really felt while accomplishing the things you accomplished, and to honestly assess what you need more of, and less of, in your next move. Try this exercise to find out what your white-space resume says:

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