How many times have you been told not to use the same old cliché sayings in your CV? How many times have you heard that employers are tired of reading repetitive, regurgitated CV’s and want unique and original copy? Too many times to count I imagine… Well, ignore everything you’ve been told - things have changed! Once again, computers have stepped in and the process has changed. It’s now much more monotonous, thousands of CV’s are scanned at once, and there’s no time to waste being creative and eye catching here. It’s time to follow the herd and make sure your CV makes the cut. There is an art to keyword cramming in your CV and James Baker of Vivid Resourcing is here to show you how. So how does it work? You e-mail across your CV, it’s placed on to a database with thousands of others and a computer program is used to pick out the CV’s with specific keywords, and these are the CV’s that are passed to HR.

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