Office jobs can sometimes prove to be monotonous and mundane – meaning the lure of switching off and “wasting time” can often prove to be overwhelmingly tempting. “What? Me? Wasting time?” I hear you cry. Yes, you. According to pretty accurate statistics (I think so, anyway), only 10 percent of office workers say they waste than less than 30 minutes in a working day. And let’s face it, they’re probably fibbing. In fact, the same study claims that 24 percent of people “waste” one hour of working time a day with 11 percent claiming to disregard “a few hours”. That’s not to say that “wasting time” is necessarily counterproductive (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). More research into office habits argues that 70 percent believe that office workers are now more productive than they were five years ago thanks to greater technological distractions – if that makes any sense. So, what are these mythical time-wasting distractions than can potentially make you even more productive? Here are seven major time wasters at work:

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