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Lisa Lambert Snodgrass

Lisa Lambert Snodgrass helps professionals and businesses achieve the next dimension of success. Founder of 4D Perspectives, Lisa is a professional identity coach, career shift specialist, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and writer.

How To Create A Strategic Plan For Your Job Search

Creating a strategic plan for your job search is transferable to so many areas of professional life - guiding you to career success.

Mentoring Vs Managing: Does It Have To Be One Or The Other?

For the success of most businesses today, especially those hiring in Gen Y's, it is imperative leadership blend managing and mentoring.

Lisa Lambert Snodgrass

Lisa Lambert Snodgrass, founder of 4D Perspectives, helps professionals achieve the next dimension of success via her "Career in Shape" methodology.

How to Know When a Career Shift is Right for Your Future

A successful career shift begins now. The first step in the career shift process is to take an honest assessment of why you’re considering a change.

V2 Your Way to a Successful Career Search

In 1993 a four-year-old girl was captured on video going through her nightly ritual. But, what does this have to do with your career search?

Does Your Profession Have the ‘Type and Temperament’ Standard?

Do you have the type and temperament standard? Gain the knowledge and know whether you are competing in a profession in which you meet the standard.