V2 Your Way to a Successful Career Search

V2 Your Way to a Successful Career Search
In 1993 a four-year-old Jessica was captured on video going through a nightly ritual, an energetic and passionate self-affirmation exercise. She affirms her like and love of her family, her hair, her cousins, her house and her life saying, "I can do anything good; better than anyone." The video was posted on YouTube in 2009 and went viral reaching 8,388,291 views at last count. Why? People are drawn to her energy, her passion, her positivity. Down deep, people want to be positive; they want to be happy. What does this have to do with your career search? Everything actually. Just as Jessica used positive self-affirmation, you can incorporate the power of positive into your career search. It is often said our thoughts influence our feelings, that our feelings influence our behavior, and our behaviors influence who we are. If this holds true, then incorporating positivity in our lives will increase our success. The key then is to change the way we think, the way we see and the way we speak about our career search. To energize and bring a sense of positivity, practice what I call the V2 goal setting method for your career search. Goal setting is a powerful way to affect true change and to do it completely, you must Visualize and Verbalize your success. Visualizing is actively seeing the successful completion of your goals. Verbalizing is actively speaking the successful completion of your goals. Using V2 daily is easier than you might think. Find ordinary "mind wandering" times and replace them with purposeful visualization and verbalization. For example, when you're brushing your teeth, mentally recite your goals for the day, the week, the month. Visualize the successes of the day ahead. When you're driving to work or on errands, speak out and tell yourself exactly what you plan to accomplish in your job search. Use this verbal self-affirmation as more than a simple verbal checklist, speak specifically about what you will accomplish. Used together V2 - Visualizing and Verbalizing is a powerful combination that will lead you to success. Bring positivity to your career search... See success. Speak success. Be success. Lisa Lambert Snodgrass helps professionals and businesses achieve the next dimension of success. Founder of 4D Perspectives, Lisa is a professional identity coach, career shift specialist, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and writer.Read more » articles by this approved career expert | Click here » if you’re a career expertImage from Arcady/Shutterstock
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