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Executive/business leader uses a new technology at work
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If you want to be an effective leader in your industry, you need to know how to use technology—specifically, the types of technology that are relevant to your job. Nobody wants to work for a manager who isn't tech savvy. Not knowing how to use technology is the surest way to become irrelevant in your career. For executives, the need to stay up to date on technology is greater, since there is always a younger, more relevant leader moving up the ranks who knows how to use the technology that could take your company to the next level.

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Man on laptop uses a project management platform

As an educator and administrator, I enjoy helping young adults as well as adult learners with their academic journey. In my role, I oversee policies and procedures that help support student learning and success. Therefore, I implement multiple innovation projects to support students and meet them where they are.

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I will assume you believe people can make a bigger, faster difference toward success when engaged well and respectfully. No matter what you find on the ground when you arrive to help, people can solve problems faster when treated this way rather than when they are told, pushed, directed, and treated as dispensable.

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