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At Work It Daily, we have a saying: "If you're not growing, you're dying." For context, we're talking about your career. You must constantly work on your career to grow as a professional so you can stay relevant and employable. Professional development should always be on your mind as a business-of-one. But what you do to grow as a professional might change over time. What you focus on developing this year might be completely different from what you focused on last year.

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As a technology seller at the onset of the pandemic, I witnessed firsthand as buyers made a statement by revolting against spammy sales efforts, making it clear that they expected sellers to willingly facilitate a modern buyer journey that enabled them to evaluate and validate a solution and company before interacting with salespeople, and rewarding the sellers that proactively guided multi-stakeholder buying groups through increasingly complex and resource intense buying decisions.

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The average turnover rate currently is ~47%. If the entire team isn’t feeling engaged and appreciated, your team may be affected and part of this statistic. If so, there are things you can do to efficiently fill that vacancy with an individual who is a great fit for the team.

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