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Sandy Neumann

Sandy Neumann | Obsessed With Words and Entrepreneurship

Sandy Neumann is an entrepreneur and published writer. She is Marketing Director for the real estate firm she and her husband have run since 2009. Sandy’s passion is helping professionals and small businesses leverage ‘Words + Internet Marketing’ to stand out in crowded markets. Her unique story shows people how to get free from the “grind” and become entrepreneurs.

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  1. •How did you get started in this field/industry? Why did this particular industry interest you?
    •How did you view this career before you got into it? Is your view different now? How?
    •What is your educational background?
    •What are the daily duties and responsibilities for this position?
    •What problems might someone new to this career have in adjusting to it?
    •What interests you most about your job?
    •What is the typical career path for this type of work?
    •What are the major trends, changes, or issues facing your company or industry? How might they affect new college grads entering the job market?
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