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Is your company actively hiring right now, but finding it tough to attract the caliber of talent your leadership team wants? Are you scratching your head because you’re using all the normal channels to get the word out about your open positions, but all you’re getting in return is an inbox over-stuffed with resumes from unqualified candidates who clearly just submitted their resume to meet their state’s unemployment insurance requirement? If so, then you may want to review the four signs you’re not seen as a legit employer:

#1 - When the wrong people knock on your hiring door - it’s not them, it’s you!

The best talent (a/k/a the people you want to desperately hire!), are sophisticated job seekers. They do their homework. They check your company out online before they apply. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll skip over you. Today’s job seeker is like a consumer - they carefully evaluate your brand as an employer to determine if you suit their needs. Thus, if the only people applying to work for your company aren’t qualified enough to get hired, you have an image problem.

#2 - Your employment brand is sending the wrong message to the right people.

There is a statement I teach all HR and recruiting professionals today: Brand or BE branded. Your company has an employment brand and job seekers want to get to know your brand so they can feel comfortable they are making a good choice if they decide to work for you. If your employment brand isn’t clear and easily available online, job seekers will assume you either A) have something to hide, B) there is nothing good about working for you, or C) you aren’t tech-savvy enough to realize you should be promoting your employment brand to them. None of those are messages you want to send to potential candidates.

#3 - You're faking it as an employer.

Your employment brand is not something you can make up. Sophisticated job seekers can smell a faker. They can see through the hype. What’s the telltale sign? You brag about yourself as if you have no faults. When all they can find is the positive stuff going on and on about how great you are, they know you don’t have a real handle on your employment brand. Why? No company is perfect. They expect you’ll have a few flaws, and more importantly, they expect you to own them. If you don’t know how to present an honest take on your employment brand, then you a aren’t a trustworthy company to work for.

#4 - You’ve looked in the mirror and don’t like what you see.

For some companies, the reason they don’t want to share their true employment brand is for fear people won’t want to work for them. I’ve worked with many companies that secretly felt their employment brand was flawed and not worthy of the talent they wanted to hire. However, after trying to fake their way through it (i.e. offering high salaries and hiding the truth about the environment), the turnover rates and bad reputation for lying in the interview process hurt them even more. The solution, accept who you are as an - warts and all. And then, learn the right way to share your story with authenticity and transparency. Want to transform your company’s hiring process? Join me at Glassdoor’s Summit. In September, I’ll be the livestream host for Glassdoor’s annual summit. The speaker line-up is filled with people from companies who have successfully revealed their true employment brand. They’ll be sharing their stories with you so you can learn how to do it too. Remove your fears and find your employment branding voice! This conference is all about teaching you how to be transparent and authentic with your recruiting and employment brand - on your own terms. NOTE: Sign-up before August 1st and you can save $200 on the registration! Plus, use the GDFriends2016 discount code to save another $100. Seating is limited and the prices are going up. Come join me and together we can help your company attract the right talent!
I'm just getting back from co-emceeing LinkedIn’s Talent Connect and am reaching out to as many recruiters as I can.

Here’s why…

At the event, I spoke to 1000’s of recruiters who are struggling to compete against companies who have more resources and budgets than they do. THAT FRUSTRATES ME! There are so many excellent companies (like yours!), that should be able to source top talent. But, without the right tools and approach, they can’t get the best candidates to consider their job openings.

I’m on a mission to fight back!

At Talent Connect, I announced the launch of CAREEREALISM’s FREE Recruiter Directory. It’s a tool that helps recruiters become more visible so you can attract top talent. We have over 1,000,000+ job seekers visiting our site each month - and we want to introduce them to you and your company. My goal is to find 1,000 recruiters who deserve to have the spotlight shined on them. Would you be interested? We already have 60+ and counting! CLICK HERE to check out some of the recruiters that have already gotten a free profile with us:

Are you in? If so, keep reading!

I’m so glad you are up for it! We can’t wait to help you find more talent. Just to stress, this is FREE. All it takes is a few minutes of your time!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go to this page, scroll down, and fill out the online form. (Should only take you 5 minutes or less to complete!) http://www.workitdaily.com/become-featured-recruiter/ Step 2: My team sets up your profile using the info you submit. Step 3: We send you the link so you can review and approve the directory listing. Step 4: We promote you to our 1M monthly visitors. Step 5: We teach you how to use your profile to get the attention of candidates (in your sleep!).

PS - In case you are wondering, “Why is this free?”

By giving recruiters free profiles on our site, not only can we help you connect with top talent, but we are making our readers happy by introducing them to great companies they wouldn’t normally know about. So, it’s a win-win for both of us. Can't wait to see you on our site!

Credentials and experience are all that really matters to hiring managers, right? Related: How To Reach Recruiters On LinkedIn Mm, not so much. As much as we wish that hiring decisions weren’t based at all on extraneous information like our appearance, the truth is that separating these things completely is impossible for anyone to do. Certainly, most of us imagine ourselves as being more evolved than that, but science has long proven that the judgments we make of each other are largely intuitive.

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People hear what they see, as they say. That’s why your personal brand is so important. Your personal brand, of course, is everything from what’s on your resume, to how you dress. If you don’t appear to be a confident, put-together professional, it might hurt your career. “You are your brand, and everything you do from how you talk, to the actions you take, to how you dress, is your brand. Always remember that,” said Ashley Poulin of SharpHeels.com. “…If you’re a dynamic, driven, successful person, dress that way.”

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