A reporter for an online publication takes notes.

The headlines have not been kind to those who are interested in a career in journalism.

Newspapers, online publications, and other media outlets have had to cut staff to meet changing industry needs, and in response to COVID-19. Despite these challenges, there's still a path to a career in journalism.

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Why I Love Twitter (And Why You Should, Too)

When I was a sophomore in college, I took my first college-level journalism class. During that class, we were supposed to create a Twitter account and post on it regularly. Related: 4 Ways To Kick Up Your Job Search A Notch With Social Media I didn’t get it. Twitter, another dumb social media site, was required for a journalism class? Remember, this site was widely known for its users posting updates for every moment of their waking life. Updates like:

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Writing Is A Great Second Career After Working In GIS

There are numerous paths you may take and skills to learn when you choose to build a GIS career. At its core is a firm understanding of GIS software and technologies which will open the doors to many flavors of geography jobs because you possess very unique skills, including:

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