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If you're still dressing like you did in the 80's, it's time to retire that hair, makeup, or outfit… and instead embrace some new style inspiration. Fashion Challenge: Older professionals who don't realize when it's definitely time to update their look and have a major style makeover. Example: someone who is clinging to a hairstyle or fashion trend that was fashionable fifteen years ago, thinking it still looks good.

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Office Fashion: How To Stop Confusing 'Dressy' & 'Inappropriate'

Do you (or someone you know) have a hard time judging what's appropriate office fashion? You're not alone. Ashley Poulin of clears up the confusion as to what's dressy and what's inappropriate for the office. Fashion Challenge: Professionals who confuse “dressy” and “inappropriate.” Not thinking through the business-appropriate nature of what you are wearing (for example, thinking a dress you wore out to a club is acceptable to wear to an interview, or wearing a top that shows too much cleavage).

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