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Here’s a big myth about resumes: once it gets you an interview, it’s tossed into a corner and never referenced again. Nope! Related: Help! My Resume Is Dead On Arrival During the course of hiring someone, a resume will go through multiple screenings. The first will be a cursory, "broad strokes" pass by either an Applicant Tracking System or a person to filter out the clearly unqualified and compile a list of interviewees. Employers will often bring in candidates who don’t fit the job posting 100% to see what else they’re bringing to the table at this stage. After Interview #1, your resume goes through another screening process. More critical this time, with an eye towards picking out vulnerabilities that may not have been discovered initially. Usually, the bigger the role, the more people involved in this second screen: executives, HR, future supervisor/boss, and so on. And they’re ALL on the lookout for “red flags” such as:

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