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Imagine for a minute that you have $150,000 to invest. You have two choices about who will manage this investment: a guy with a great looking website claiming a solid track record of investing for his clients—or a guy you know who drives a luxury car, lives in a huge house, and just funded his kid’s Ivy League education. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather give my money to the guy whose abilities I’ve seen for myself. Related: How To Find 6-Figure Jobs In The Hidden Job Market Many people believe once you’ve reached the stage of earning a six-figure salary, companies will always be falling all over themselves to offer you jobs. In some ways, the opposite is actually true. Companies are much more hesitant to hire a $125,000 candidate who might not work out than they are to take a chance on a $40,000 employee. How can you overcome this challenge to land a six-figure job?

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