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Are you interested in studying abroad? A semester or a four-year course of study in another country may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Being away from family and friends for an extended period may prove to be quite a challenge for young people, but others may find the experience not only rewarding but transformative as well. Related: Want To Study Abroad? 6 GMAT Preparation Tips Spending time abroad provides students with the opportunity to discover more about themselves and what they can do outside their comfort zone. The benefits of higher education in a new environment are vast, especially if you consider that learning encompasses all aspects of life, not only the academic. The State of Israel, located in the western part of Asia, is often overlooked as a country of choice when it comes to educational programs. This is due to the lack of knowledge on the subject more than anything else, which is a bit unfortunate because many of their educational programs are multidisciplinary, cover different areas of scholarship and offer foreign students more than is expected from a period of study abroad in Israel. Here are the top three benefits that can come from studying abroad in Israel.

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