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Career Advice For The Unemployed: Stress Less

It's tough being unemployed - especially in this economy. Since I cannot offer you a job, perhaps some of the experiences I have used during period of uncertainties I have gone through, I can share with you. While I may not know how you feel, I know the most unnerving feeling is probably uncertainty and stress of bills mounting and being cash strapped. If you can battle through and stress less, you will feel much better.

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8 Sobering Reasons for Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is at approximately 25%. This is even higher for recent grads in the “soft" subjects, such as psychology, social work, etc. So why am I hearing from my friends and business colleagues they are having a hard time hiring, especially for entry-level positions? I think there are, from my research and observations, a few answers.

1. Unrealistic salary expectations. Many who are graduating college believe they should be paid $50K or higher to start… with no or little experience. This is just not realistic. Dues must be paid, and one of those dues is to earn a lower salary for a while to get experience and actually be worth being paid at all.

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Narcissism and Youth Unemployment

Here are some new, very sobering figures.

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