Modern times have changed a lot of things in our daily lives. We do not communicate the way we did two decades ago. Some may say that we are communicating even better, but at what cost? Just take a look at a present-day office environment and then one from 20 years back. You will see a major difference between them. This difference might be for the better in some ways, as fast communication has saved us time and increased efficiency. However, it has made it much harder to unify with colleagues the way we used to way back when. The lack of communication from one co-worker to another can be so much that while working in same office, we rarely meet people working in other departments, unless there's a work-related reason to. I support the use of technology in our daily lives and in the office, but we need to bridge the gap between employees that has been created because of our technology as well. The solution is simple: get your employees together more often, not for official issues to be discussed but for socializing. This creates a healthy family environment in the office that is without any doubt a major contributor to an efficient and happy workplace.

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