Employment for single parents can be a prickly concern. Generations ago, it was taboo for a mother to remain employed even when there wasn’t another parent providing. It was seen as neglectful towards children – even if that nine to five meant food on their childrens’ plates and new clothes on their backs. Related: 10 Tips For Balancing Career And Family While society is fairer to working mothers these days, individuals without children don’t have to worry about the time constraints that accompany looking after kids, nor do they have to weigh the financial burden associated with childrearing. As such, it’s important for single parents to find a career that both furnishes a decent wage and offers hours flexible enough to accommodate kids. But what sort of careers are those? Luckily, there are several varieties of stable employment that single parents can find an ideal home-work balance within. Of course, to a great degree all of these careers hinge on the personality and temperament of the worker. For the relentlessly organized, the path of the virtual assistant will likely be a fit, and if you’ve got creative skills or talents you can develop those into something marketable in a freelance career. Those with the gift of gab and a talent for discourse should check out sales and marketing.

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