Transitioning is a much bigger undertaking than I gave it credit for as I was preparing to leave the military. If there was a publicized process for how to leave the military for a civilian job when I had to do it, my path would have been much easier. Related: 10 Helpful Job Search Resources For Veterans When I first got started on my job search, it was overwhelming on its good days. I didn't know how to write a resume, I had no idea what good interviewing skills looked like, and I was made painfully aware of just how little I knew about the private sector on the whole. You are immediately inundated with countless "Help the Veteran" programs that are more smoke than substance, and you get no real job hunting help from the service you are leaving. Now couple that with having to provide for a family and pay a mortgage. It's enough to induce a little panic. I sat down and started to think about how to attack the problem. What follows are my lessons from a six month effort that eventually landed me an opportunity to be successful in the private sector. It’s not all-encompassing, but it focuses on lessons I found to be the most important upon reflection.

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