These days, 'office dress' has become remarkably ambiguous. Techy hipsters in Silicon Valley have promoted the idea that sandals and Bermuda shorts are not necessarily inappropriate wear for the office. The message has been well received since companies like Google and Facebook have backed up their approach to relaxed office-dress with world-storming success. The idea put forward by this new generation of companies is that of employees are happy and comfortable they will be able to work to a better standard. There is undoubtedly truth to the claim that, when we are wearing clothes that we believe make us look our best, we are in a better mood, more receptive to others, and they in turn are more receptive to us. Perfect for an office environment, no? As with everything in life, things must be taken in moderation and office workers must balance out feeling comfortable in their clothes with ensuring that they project a committed business-like appearance. Here are some tips to help you pick out the outfits for work that both make you feel good and are appropriate for the office.

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