Stuck in the nine to five rut slogging on admin? Graduates will often snap up the first job that they are offered and become bogged down in a career that really isn’t for them. Related: 5 Fabulous Career Paths For Creative Minds If you’re a creative person and your job isn’t ticking all of your boxes, consider a creative career move – one that allows you to express yourself, explore new and creative concepts and most importantly is something that you enjoy. Whether you decide to work for a company or choose to go your own way and do something part-time to tide you over. Here are a few options. Working in the world of copywriting is a fantastic way to dip your toes in to a myriad of industries, learn things you never thought you would and also hone your creative and communicative skills. Whatever your writing experience, so long as it’s high quality and works for the client it doesn’t matter if you didn’t pass high school or if you’re educated to degree level. Whether it’s for the web, brochures, adverts or newsletters, the beauty of copywriting is it can done freelance and part-time as well as a full-time career. So, if you’re looking to gain experience in a more creative sphere taking on some copywriting projects to help give your CV a creative boost and form connections and get networking with potential employers. If you’re not sure where to start, why not set up your personal blog? If you have a portfolio to demonstrate and practice your writing, this will help your credibility.

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