Congratulations! You have worked hard, graduated, and found a job. (Yes, we know it sounds much easier than it is). You are happy the race for a job is finally over, but is it? Now your first day is coming up fast and you want to make a good impression. Related: Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Starting A New Job Many recent grads entering the workforce think that finding a job is the hardest part and that it’s easy once your foot is in the door. For many, this expectation later proves false. Many positions have steep learning curves, daily tasks become more and more difficult every day, and unforeseen issues arise. Some of the more common issues include becoming bored of the work, questioning whether taking the position was the right choice, debating whether or not to do more work when there is no immediate reward, or becoming worried that your colleagues’ friendliness only comes from professionalism. (We call the last one “Friends with 401k benefits” at work.) The good thing is that a lot of us have been there before and have compiled a list of business tips that will help you cope with these issues. So, here are five pieces of advice to help you get into the routine of your job:

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