The number of young people in higher education in the UK (traditional ‘red brick’ institutions such as universities, or polytechnic colleges) is high to say the least. We know that there are 2.3 million people currently studying, with more than a third of that being on an undergraduate basis. This means two things: there are less students going on to further their education post-graduation, and, in three years’ time, there will be at least another two million graduate job seekers for job seeking youths to contend with. Related: What Are The Hardest Challenges Facing College Graduates? The government recently announced plans for it to become the norm for school leavers to embark on either an apprenticeship or an undergraduate degree – with employer-led apprenticeships designed to be increasingly relevant and thorough. So, the question ceases to become whether you should pursue an apprenticeship or university education, and becomes more a case of which one you’ll take.

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