Winter 2014 brought us extreme weather conditions, a busy hiring season, and some really bad interviews from soon to be college graduates. I don’t blame college students entirely for their bad interview behaviors (though some seemed to lack common sense, which is not something that can be taught), but more so that students are getting bad advice on how to prepare themselves for an interview and what questions to ask or not ask. Related: 5 Things To Ask In A Job Interview I will do my best to offer good, useful advice for graduates interviewing for their first “real job” out of college. First of all, before you get to the interview, do your research. The interview is not the time to ask, “What does the company do?” You should have Googled that before the interview. Clarification in specific areas is fine, but you should have some idea as to what the company does before the interview. Showing up ill prepared is not the first impression you want to make with a potential employer. Here are three questions that an upcoming or recent college graduate should ask during an interview.

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