Going back to work with a disability can be daunting, but it can also be looked at in another way. One cannot deny that returning to the workplace while disabled can work as a great self-confidence booster and a self-supporting experience. A disabled employee can bring with himself a plethora of ideas, vigor, talent and skills, just like any regular employee can. Related: Should I Tell Them I’m Disabled In My Cover Letter? Organizations need to sensitize their staff regarding working with employees who might be facing a certain level mental or physical limitation due to whatever reason. Given the right kind of work environment, a disabled employee can prove to be as capable as any other employee. While it might not be easy for regular staff to work with a disabled colleague, it is important to remember that the situation is probably tougher for the latter as he needs to perform his duties with new limitations that he himself might be grappling to adjust to. Hence, it is crucial that organizations go the extra mile in helping the disabled employee feel accepted and comfortable at his workplace. Although disabled staff do not expect any sort of partial behavior from their employer towards them, they do look forward to certain disability-friendly arrangements being made so that they can single-mindedly focus on their work. Mentioned below are some of the ways in which organizations can meet the expectations of disabled staff returning to work.

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