If you’re interested in increasing productivity at the office, you may not need to look any further than their workstations. Studies have shown that between 40 – 60% of all interactions in the workplace take place between employees working in close proximity. This is great for groups that get along on a personal level and work together well, but what about employees for whom static seating may not have them located in the optimal place as far as productivity is concerned? This can include employees isolated from other members of their team, as well as employees who have no mutual commonalities or connection with their neighbors. To combat these types of problems, some offices are now incorporating the idea of floating workstations – a concept that allows and encourages employees to move their workstations around your office as needed to maximize productivity. Most commonly, people who naturally work together well and get along the best will group together. With such a large portion of workplace interactions occurring with nearby associates, this will help improve employee satisfaction and encourage a more synergetic atmosphere.

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