Dressing for the modern workplace can be a minefield and, with more offices adopting casual dress codes, it is only likely to get more difficult. Do you know how to dress to impress at work? The greatest challenge of all is getting it right when you start a new job and all you have to go on before dressing for your first day is some vague guidelines in the employee handbook. But fear not, a recent survey from Original Penguin sought to explore the changing attitudes to office wear to help workers navigate the tricky terrain of modern-day work wear. The survey looked at not only what workers are currently allowed to wear in the office, but also what they felt they should be allowed to wear. Perhaps one of the less surprising findings was that younger office workers take a more relaxed approach to work wear than their older counterparts. On average, 57 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds say shorts should be permitted in the office, compared to under 30 percent of over 55's. Overall, almost two-thirds of over 55's said they felt shorts, flip-flops, baseball caps or vest tops were not appropriate work wear, compared to under a quarter of 18 to 24 year-olds. The generation gap was also clear to see in current office dress codes, with just 41 percent of younger workers claiming they’re not allowed to wear the items at work, compared with 62 percent of older workers.

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