In 2009, Eric Glatt had what sounded like the opportunity of a lifetime. After working on a few low budget documentary films, he applied for a chance to become an unpaid intern in a big budget film for Fox that he thought could really be something special. The name of that film? The Black Swan. Related: 6 Reasons Internships Are A Must In College When he finally started working, he came to notice something interesting - he was doing the exact same work he was doing on paid gigs! Except he had "intern" in his job title, and he wasn't getting paid. What followed was a groundbreaking lawsuit that led to the district judge ruling in favor of Eric getting at least minimum wage, and opened the door to a bunch of successful illegal internship lawsuits in a variety of industries. From New York Times articles to political cartoons, everybody seems to be exposing these illegal internships as the exploitative, inequality promoting, pro-business-gone-wild travesties they are. But is that the whole story?

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