Are you in the middle of a new career search? Have you made the unfortunate mistake of accidentally alerting your current boss of your job hunt by forwarding a job-search-related e-mail to him or her? Related: The Ultimate Guide To Professional Email Etiquette Have you ever pressed “send” on an e-mail only to realize 10 seconds later that you sent it to an entire group of people when you only meant to send it to one specific co-worker? Depending on the content of the message, sending an e-mail to either a group of people or the wrong person can lead to an embarrassing situation – especially if the e-mail was sent using your work account. Using your personal e-mail to send a message to the wrong person is one thing, but using your work e-mail to send a message to an incorrect person is another story. If an erroneous or an insulting e-mail is sent using your work e-mail account, the e-mail can potentially cause a lot of damage and could even lead to your job termination. The bottom line is, you should use personal e-mail for personal reasons and reserve your work e-mail for work purposes. Also, the words used to compose work e-mail messages should always be kept professional. It's important to remember that e-mail is permanent, and even if you press “delete,” a copy of all messages might be kept indefinitely on your company’s back-up files. Following are 10 e-mail etiquette guidelines to follow when using your company e-mail account. While they are general, they are applicable to employees in any industry:

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